Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Step aside Mugatu, Manic is IN!

That Manic, SO hot right now!!! 

This month marks the 3rd anniversary of Manic Designs, and I promised myself at the beginning of the year that things were going to be different; that I was going to make this life long dream a reality even if it killed me.

This experience has been worth every streak of all nighters sewing collections to release the next day, every moment of overwhelming stress, the excruciating burn of carpel tunnel, and every Mugatu worthy bitch fit I've ever thrown!

I am more than pleased to announce that I will be debuting my Fall 2012 line at the Micheal Angelo FashionART Runway Show in Santa Cruz this September. 

Thank you so much to all my family and friends that have been so supportive through all of this, and of course to my wonderful Maniacs! I love you guys and I couldn't have done any of this without you!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of Fall 2012!

Manic Designs Fall 2011

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