Monday, August 5, 2013

2012 is over?!

Wow Maniacs, where does the time go? I'm pretty sure I neglected my blog for like a year, so I'll do my best to update you.

I kicked off 2013 with an awesome runway show at The Museum of Art History in downtown Santa Cruz to debut my 1930's inspired Spring line! The place was PACKED, and I had a total blast! 

The lovely Lily modelling the Maureen Top and Claudette Maxi Skirt
The elegant Lindsay modelling The Eleanor Maxi Dress
My favorite little show stopper, Morgan, modelling The Zsa Zsa Lace Couture Dress
I really loved doing this show was so much fun, and it was like a FashionART family reunion! The ever so talented Christina Cree was also there to show a few of her gorgeous RTW and wearable art pieces! Both of us were just stoked to do a quick and easy runway show, and we even had time to make OURSELVES new dresses to wear! Cray!!

Me and Christina Cree (right) She made that dress by revamping 2 older pieces in her closet! I love this lady!!

Check out the whole album from this show on the Manic Designs Facebook page!

After the show, it was photo shoot time. I grew up in Oakland, CA and I've always been fascinated by the gorgeous Victorian houses in the area. The Ygnacio Peralta House in San Leandro, CA is one that always caught my eye. I've always dreamed of having a photo shoot there, but had never had the resources to pull it off, until March of this year- just in time for my birthday too!

The beautiful Ygnacio Peralta Home in San Leandro, CA
The house has been maintained throughout the history of the city, and is currently owned by The Alta Mira Club. As a birthday present to myself, and because the gorgeous interior of the house complimented the aesthetic of the Spring line so well, I mustered up the courage to call them and see if it was possible to do the photo shoot there. I had the privilege of working with Carol, Linda, and Jerry, and it was an absolute joy! They loved the collection and philosophy behind Manic, and they were so excited to give this lovely historical gem more exposure. I had such an amazing time, and the photos were everything I had been dreaming of. I can't thank these wonderful people enough! If you're interested in renting the home for events or even if you just want to brush up on your history of this glamorous era, check out The Alta Mira Club's website at, or call 510/562-7144 and tell them Rachel Riot sent ya! <3

Photo by Carly Gabara Photography, MUA Stephanie Chatfield, Jewelry and Accessories by Creations By Raven Jade

The Spring line is inspired by the 1930's, which is one of my favorite era's because it was a transitioning period for fashion. Clothing became more of a casual luxury and expression of individuality, rather than just a functional necessity. The color palette is muted (what's new?!) to illustrate the feel of vintage sepia and gray scale photography, utilizing neutral tones like black, charcoal gray, taupe, and olive green. The garment details in each piece are structured, yet asymmetrical to celebrate the eclectic Art Deco period. I designed each piece to collaborate hard, edgy details with soft drapes to create a sexy, fitted, and feminine look that accentuates the curves of the body.

Click here to shop the collection!

My amazing dream team came together to make this dream shoot a reality, and that's why I love them so much! 
Stunning hair and makeup by Stephanie Chatfield
Gorgeous and eclectic jewelry by Creations by Raven Jade
and last but not least, breathtaking photography by Carly Gabara

Check out the entire album on the Manic Designs Facebook Page! 

I think that's all for now Maniacs, but I promise I won't abandon you again! I've got a few things up my sleeve for FashionART this year, and I hope to see you all there!


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